Like Vincent, I met the woman who changed my life while attending college. Unlike him, I let her slip away the first time. We were Freshman and I was all over the place as far as relationships, plus she was dating my best friend. Life decided to give me a second chance a few years later and I didn't let it pass. We had a whirlwind romance, marrying a few months after our first official date. That whirlwind carried us through life. Now, almost twenty-nine years and two lovely daughters later, it's gusting us into more happy adventures.
Reading and storytelling have always been a part of my life. Until now my natural storytelling ability found its outlet in public speaking. I'm not a full time writer...yet. Fortunately my day job involves a great amount of developing thoughts and ideas to spark people's minds and hearts. It's great training grounds for writing.
Cooking is another passion of mine. I first learned while sitting beside my grandma on a tall stool and made a complete dinner for my family at age twelve. About seven years into our marriage, I became the chief meal maker in our house and now prepare 99% of the food. I love it and so does my wife. She is a fantastic sous-chef!
My wife and I love to do everything we can together. We're weird that way. We enjoy traveling anytime we can. Sometimes it's a Jeep trip to the local mountains, and others it's European destinations.

Friends and family in the Porsche Club of America are high on our list. I race a little Porsche we picked up for next to nothing and built up over the last several years. My wife helps run registration and timing at events. Our car is named Tuffy and he treats us well. His story is a bit like Vincent's... He's an underdog too.