Mending the Shroud

Book Two in the Shroud Trilogy will be out July 1, 2014!

The exciting sequel to Tearing the Shroud is coming. 
Once again Escape Publishing loved the novel is working 
hard to make it happen.

When you’ve learned to take possession in stride, love should be easy. Right?

It might be if your life and the lives of people you loved weren’t threatened by an invasion of monsters.

Vincent thought saving the world once was a challenge, he didn’t figure on retribution putting a price on his head. It means college takes a back seat again as he’s possessed by Coleman to fight a new battle with the Kafla. But this time he’s not alone, Jule, the woman he loves is also is possessed.

Together they hope to stave off the invasion and take the fight to the Realm, where only a supreme sacrifice can Mend the Shroud and save their worlds.

Bloggers and reviewers, ARCs will be available through Net Galley or you can contact me directly.